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25 July 2008

Your Holiday Home

Okay, so August beckons, and you have rented a nice little house somewhere, and said to your friends, “Sure, if you are in the area why not drop in...” and, so far, 967 of them have promised to do just that. Firm promises.
So, if you have to give them all a drink or three, then you are going to be Bear Stearns. What to do?
The answer is to buy a few cases of what I reckon is the best value white wine on the market. Wines Direct of Mullingar sells Chateau Des Eyssards Bergerac Sec at less than €10 a bottle, and it drinks like a €15 wine: notes of grapefruit, notes of flinty freshness, a true beaut at an extraordinary price, from brothers Pascal and Laurent Cuisset. If it had the appellation of its near-neighbour, Bordeaux, you would pay twice as much. And, Wines Direct deliver quickly and efficiently.
Only problem is that you won't be able to get rid of those friend after a couple of glasses...