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20 January 2010

Launching the Bridgestone Irish Food Guide

So, we are up in Dublin today, January 20th, to officially wave the 9th edition of the Bridgestone Irish Food Guide on its way, with a photo-call at Nick and Stephen's red-hot Pichet Restaurant in the centre of town.
A bunch of artisans will be on hand to wave it on its way, a sign that the core message of the book – that the speciality sector we have written about for 20 years is enjoying robust good health, despite the doldrums in the rest of the economy – is alive and kicking.
In effect, the book has occupied the last 12 months of our working lives, for it started when the 2009 editions of the 100 Best guides were launched, and that was a year ago, almost exactly.
Quite by chance, we are also turning up on your telly this evening, on Nationwide to be precise, with a piece produced by Geraldine Harney from RTE Cork. Donal Skehan, from the admired Good Mood Food blog, is also featuring.
All being well, we should have some nice shots of the folk at the launch, and will post some tomorrow to let you see some of the faces behind the 9th edition.