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30 June 2007

Artisan Brews

Is Galway Hooker the best new beer in Ireland since O'Hara's stout? What's your favourite artisan tipple?

27 June 2007

GM free Ireland

26/6/07 At the launch of the new Bridgestone Guide Minister Sargent announced that he is to set out to formulate a strategy in the best interests of producers and the country requiring that produce be fed on GM free feed. The Minister noted that other countries are using GM-free status as a marketing tool.

Genetic Modification has nothing to do with food quality. It is a device for agribusiness companies to dominate seed and pesticide markets. Is GM the new DDT?

26 June 2007

Hot Off The Press!

The Irish Food Guide 2007 is launched today! In this, the most essential guide to Ireland's food culture, you'll find the shops, the restaurants, the producers, the markets and the places to stay, to check out this Summer. (Summer??)