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07 May 2008

Tom O'Connell

The great Tom O'Connell, of O'Connell's in Ballsbridge, is moving on to pastures new, after eight years of running one of the best Dublin destination restaurants.
We wish him and his team well, and only wish we had a hotel dining room that needed a dynamic, hard-working, philosophical proprietor, so that we could hand it over to him and say: “Just do the good thing, Tom”.
We have so many happy memories of O'Connell's, that run all the way from solo dining whilst working, to family dinners with folk from 8 to 80. Our last experience was a pitch-perfect breakfast, served by fastidiously polite and hospitable staff.
Of course, if we owned the Shelbourne, or one of the other big city dining rooms, we would be on the telephone to Mr O'Connell right now...