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10 January 2008

No, it isn't Pancake Tuesday...

Louise Delaney, who makes the excellent Sowan's bread mixes in Cork, has just introduced two new pancake lines, one with unbleached white flour, and one with spelt. Here is what happened on their first day in the McKenna household:

12.30 am Receive pancake mixes and make them straight away for lunch: simplicity itself, with just 2 eggs and 580 milk needed. Superb, even the first one which, of course, is traditionally meant to stick to the pan. Packed the spelt pancakes with slices of left-over beef sirloin heated with some tomato, yellow pepper and spring onion with a little of Miriam Flores' habanero sauce: mighty.

2.45pm: 9 year old PJ McKenna is exulting in the pancakes right now, and even had some stewed apple and honey with one. He speedily scoffs three.

4.30pm: Connie McKenna has 2 pancakes with stewed apple and honey, and one with Green & Black's hazelnut and chocolate spread. PJ has a 4th pancake with G&B spread.

5.30pm: Sam McKenna, fresh from basketball practice, has two pancakes with stewed apple and one with G&B. PJ has a 5th pancake with G&B spread.

9.30 pm: final two pancakes made with Sowan's mix are cooked and eaten by the posse of people working on the drumkit.

A hit, a veritable hit, one might say. Look out for the new Sowan's organic pancake mixes in good shops and delis.